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Child & Teen Psychotherapy

Signs your child should consider therapy:


  • Conducts self-harm

  • Showing signs of depression

  • Dealing with school or social anxiety

  • Dealing with family or home struggles

  • Acting out sexually

  • Using drugs or alcohol

  • Demonstrating violent tendencies

  • Having suicidal thoughts

  • A dramatic change in normal behavior

  • Change in sleep habits

  • Avoids social interactions

Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling Child & Teen Therapy

Child and Teen Therapy can help adolescents better navigate various behavior issues, emotional struggles, stress management, personal relationships, and trauma. Adolescent psychologists typically focus on a child's development and developmental periods at different ages.


Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling can help identify different emotional and social issues, cognitive impairment, as well as biological vulnerabilities. Often this type of therapy is used to provide a healthy outlet with an unbiased and understanding opinion.

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